Virtual Reality is so freaking fun and just a bit creepy with Master Maze VR!!
Take a walk through the incredible VR world created by RocketGary…okay you should probably run. You will feel instantly transported to a beautiful new world which also happens to be just a touch creepy with the sole objective to survive the monsters and escape the maze. You will be amazed with the real world feel and absolute spectacular scenery in the Maze Master world. VR Maze introduction game has TWO exciting and just a bit freaky mazes with all kinds of monsters you wouldn’t want to meet up with in a dark alley. First you have to navigate through the ghouls to get to the hedge maze which is filled with Scorpions---yes---- Scorpions. After you do your best to channel the Orkin-man through the Hedge Maze- you will find the key that lets you in to the Cave Maze. The Cave Maze is filled with everyone’s biggest nightmare- Spiders. You have to really use your best moves to destroy the spiders and find your way out of the Cave. Do you have what it takes to make it past the ghouls, scorpions, and Spiders? How fast can you get through the Mazes and unlock the key to the next challenge. Try this introductory version for free. Advanced levels of creepy fun coming soon in the next version of Master Maze by RocketGary.
This app requires Virtual Reality goggles as well as a gamepad to play.